BRKC believes it is every pet owner’s responsibility to plan for day-to-day emergencies like fire and injury as well as natural and man-made disaster such as hurricanes and flood. Here are a few tools to help you get READY.

What’s the law?

Katrina brought about the Federal PETS Act which requires that state and local emergency preparedness authorities include how they will accommodate households with pets or service animals.

Who leads emergency response in Louisiana?

Louisiana Office of Emergency Preparedness

What’s the plan for pets?

Louisiana Animal Disaster Plan

How can you help?

State Animal Response Team (LSART)

What should you do?

  1. 1.Get a Kit
  2. 2.Make a Plan.

  3. 3.Be Prepared.

Hotel Resources (Select "Pets Allowed" in the search criteria)

MISC Resources

National Weather Service for EBR Parish

All Hazards Noaa Weather Radio

Real Time Wildfire

National Terror Advisory System

Emergency Preparedness & Response

American Red Cross (EBR Office)

American Veterinary Medical Association

Dog Food Recalls & Alerts


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