Meet our Members

We have a wonderful group of officers, board members, and committee chairs as well as an amazing list of member volunteers. Combined, we are long time fanciers, beginners, juniors, responsible breeders, professional handlers, AKC judges, groomers, pet owners, veterinarians, vet technicians, rescuers, trainers, pet therapists, members of regional/national parent clubs, leaders in the community, and experts in the sport of purebred dog ownership. We are missing members in the gallery! Don’t be shy. Email your photo!

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President - Ebony Holmes

Vice President - Patricia Plana

Secretary - Debbie Fuller 

Treasurer - Barrow Leake

Board: Miranda Young, Chris Reed, Diane Sylvester, June Sutherlin, Leslie Norton

Events: Erick Swenson

Awards/Trophies: Paula Dennis

Handling Class: Leslie Norton

Website: Veni Harlan

Membership: Miranda Young